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A Little About Us

Borovay Psychological Services has been serving patients in the Ottawa area for over 40 years. Dr. Rena Borovay started her private practice in 1987 and her daughter, Dr. Lindsay Borovay, joined the practice in 2008. They worked collaboratively offering psychological services to the Ottawa community until Dr. Rena Borovay's retirement in 2019. Dr. Lindsay Borovay continues to offer psychological services and has expanded the practice to include other highly skilled professionals who align with the Borovay's values and approach toward service provision.


The current team takes great pride in providing high quality, client-centric care and deeply value their clients' health and wellbeing.


Our Philosophy:

​It is our belief that the most effective approach to building and nurturing strong relationships – especially between parent and child – is to become more aware and sensitive to each other’s experiences. In working to create this connection, we’re able to foster greater insight, understanding, and empathy. We believe that when attention is shifted from the behavior to the underlying or unmet need, it is easier to see the whole individual more clearly. All children, and adults for that matter, want to be seen and heard. We therefore, work from a "whole child/individual" and systems perspective to address presenting concerns. 

​We believe that many childhood disorders benefit from a systemic approach. As such, we not only work individually with the child, but also with parents and families when appropriate. Our goal is to understand the system that maintains the child’s behavior by directing our focus toward the attachment and bond between parent and child. We work collaboratively with our clients to improve and develop their communication, while implementing strategies that can ameliorate maladaptive behavioural patterns and strengthen family bonds.

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